دانلود آهنگ محمد منصوری به نام اشک شوق

محمد منصوری - اشک شوق

دانلود آهنگ محمد منصوری به نام اشک شوق

ارسال شده در : ۵ مرداد ۱۴۰۲
دانلود آهنگ محمد منصوری به نام اشک شوق
دانلود آهنگ محمد منصوری به نام اشک شوق

Sick Tears

Muhammad Mansoori

دانلود آهنگ جدید محمد منصوری به نام اشک شوق

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دانلود آهنگ با کیفیت عالی محمد منصوری به نام اشک شوق

پخش از وب سایت معتبر تهران موزیک

هم اکنون به صورت آنلاین
گوش دهید و دانلود کنید ترانه محمد منصوری به نام اشک شوق از تهران موزیک

محمد منصوری اشک شوق

توجه فرمایید که در تهران موزیک

تمامی موزیک ها و فول آلبوم محمد منصوری

با کیفیت بالا ۳۲۰ و دو کیفیت دیگر جهت دانلود سریع تر در اختیار شما قرار میگیرد

متن ترانه اشک شوق از محمد منصوری

Ups and downs will give us . . . sick tears,

Joys and sorrows will bring us . . . sick tears,

Falling in and out of love we shed . . . sick tears,

In order to get your business up and running,

Put in blood, sweat, and yeah . . . sick tears,

Truly winning comes along with . . . sick tears,

Carve a niche and you will have . . . sick tears,


With the passage of time, you know, from time to time,

We will be coming across people who’re telling all of us,

The story of their lives all with . . . sick tears,

Message received . . . the lesson shall be learnt,

Decision, mistake, experience . . . sick tears,

Come a cropper, land the chopper, tell the whoppers,

All will surely culminate in . . . sick tears,


Ya come down in the world you need to come down to earth,

You need to face the music; not just living (a) life of mirth,

Which as well will boil down to . . . sick tears,

Come hell or high water, all has to come full circle,

Have no fear . . . everything comes out in the wash,

By trial and error you will come out on top,

This I am telling you with loads of . . . sick tears,


Every now and then life will come to a boil,

Then call of duty probably gets us . . . sick tears,

Under such circumstances that all comes to a pretty pass,

This shall pass . . . oh boy . . . from Easter to Xmas,

Masses will reach an impasse, pass, harass, alas,

Sign says, “Do not trespass!”

Otherwise I’ll hunt you down with . . . sick tears,


Truth be told, the truth is never fully told,

Only knowing this fact will get you . . . sick tears,

The way of this world!? Come to grips with . . . sick tears,

Come to your senses my homes, nothing’s worth more,

Come up for air, no more coming unglued,

Come what may, you stand tall with . . . sick tears,

Say it out loud my homes . . . sick tears,







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