دانلود آهنگ محمد منصوری به نام درود

محمد منصوری - درود

دانلود آهنگ محمد منصوری به نام درود

ارسال شده در : ۱۲ تیر ۱۴۰۲
دانلود آهنگ محمد منصوری به نام درود
دانلود آهنگ محمد منصوری به نام درود


Muhammad Mansoori

دانلود آهنگ جدید محمد منصوری به نام درود

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دانلود آهنگ با کیفیت عالی محمد منصوری به نام درود

پخش از وب سایت معتبر تهران موزیک

هم اکنون به صورت آنلاین
گوش دهید و دانلود کنید ترانه محمد منصوری به نام درود از تهران موزیک

محمد منصوری درود

توجه فرمایید که در تهران موزیک

تمامی موزیک ها و فول آلبوم محمد منصوری

با کیفیت بالا ۳۲۰ و دو کیفیت دیگر جهت دانلود سریع تر در اختیار شما قرار میگیرد

متن ترانه درود از محمد منصوری

Soon’s asked to get a load of a twist and twirl

In unison my heart and soul get in a whirl

In a jiffy I’m head over heels to go for broke

Dolled up head to toe in my suit bespoke

All of a sudden it hits me crystal clear

We reap what we sow throughout the year

Like the sands of time we live our lives through and through

Jumping through hoops like a kangaroo

Shopping till dropping, maxing and relaxing,

Falling in and out of love I truly gid it,

At times,

Bending over backwards,

Falling over backwards,

Lay it on the line. . . . yeah,

Put it on the line. . . . yeah,

Sky’s the limit, you know, we win the game,

Fame and fortune is our claim to fame,

Youth of the day won’t get caught up in the mix,

‘Cause they’ve found their way all through the matrix,

Yeah . . . yeah,

They are on the wagon,

They never chase the dragon,

A lot of my people are winning the match,

A lot of my friends are starting from scratch,

Firmly holding chase is better than the catch,

The motto of the youth is to shoot for the stars,

None with a silver-spoon upbringing . . . meals of caviars,

Believe it or not, this is the life they choose,

With open arms they lend their ears and they schmooze,

Common sense dictates they need to lend their ears,

To the ones who have gotten their butts in gears,

Actions always speak their words so loud,

Falling in reveries our minds in cloud,

Never say never G, you never say die,

Impossible says I’m possible . . . learn to fly,

In accordance with all those rules of physics . . . you know,

It’s the first step that needs all our effort . . . you know,

So, lay it on me my homie . . . here’s the thing . . . you know,

We shall never let the darkness conceal the sun . . . you know,

Hunker down and do your best and lay the rest,

On my shoulders, do as I say, be your best,







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